A member of the St Piran Football League and Cornwall Veterans Football League  

Match Report

Grampound 2-4 Bodmin Dragon

7 April 2024

St Piran League

The Grampound squad was disappointed after a spirited performance that gave the highly placed Bodmin team a real scare.  The football wasn't great from either team but Grampound managed to match their opponents in most areas although , to be fair, the visitors probably just edged the game although their opening 2 goals owed much to luck.  Firstly, a wide  free kick squirted in and soon after a huge deflection saw the ball fly into the net with the goalkeeper stranded.  Bodmin scored a third following a jinking run before Grampound's Ben Rowe pulled one back with a crisp shot and went into the break 3-1 ahead.

The second half was mostly Grampound's.  With Ben Rowe a constant threat the visitng defenders were forced to work hard and it was no surprise that Grampound's veteran Mike Bawden  scored a second from close range.  Grampound continued to push forward and a few half chances came but could not be forced home. The visitors scored their fourth when a long cross was volleyed in to give the impression that the win was easier than it really was.  This was a satifying performance from Grampound.