Grampound Football Club

A founder member of the Duchy Football League

Grampound FC Football Pontoon
The Rules

1. Players are randomly allocated a team for each Pontoon game.

2. Each time a game is started, the teams are re-drawn randomly for everyone, so a player should not have the same team in consecutive Pontoon games.

3. Goals scored by a team in their first match of any weekend (Friday to Monday inclusive) fixtures only are counted.

4. Domestic league, cup and play-off games will count. Friendlies (including community shield etc) and European games will not.

5. The first team to total exactly 11 or 21 goals wins.  The winner will receive 45% of the total staked for that game.  If more than 1 team wins, the prize is shared equally.

6. The team(s) with the lowest number of goals wins the Booby Prize which is 5% of the total staked.  If more than 1 team has the lowest goal tally, this prize is shared equally.

7. Once a team reaches 11 or 21 goals, that Pontoon game ends and winners are declared.

8. If a team exceeds 21 goals, it is bust and out of the game.

9. Cup and play-off games include extra time, but not penalties.

10. If a team plays more than once over the Friday-Monday period, only the first game will count.

11. If a team does not play over the weekend period, or the game is abandoned, then it will be awarded 2 goals, irrespective of the reasons for no game result.

12. The team allocation and leader board will be available to view on the Grampound FC website,, throughout the Pontoon game.