Grampound Football Club

A founder member of the Duchy Football League

Grampound Football Pontoon 2022-23

Grampound FC Football Pontoon starts on Friday 7th October 2022.  This is a fundraiser that will cost only about a quid per week and will support the club and its finances. It will continue through the season.  Players can withdraw at any time.  We hope that players, partners, wives, players' mates, work colleagues and friends of the club will take part.

How the Game Works

Pontoon players are allocated a team randomly by computer and the main winner of a Pontoon game is the first player whose team scores exactly a total of 11 or 21 goals.  There is also a “booby prize” for the lowest scorer.Entry to a game costs £5 and each Pontoon game will probably last about 5 weeks or so. 

The first player whose team scores a total of exactly 11 or 21 goals wins 45% of the total money staked and at that point the player whose team has scored the lowest number of goals wins 5% (the booby prize) — as an example, if we can get 30 people to take part in a game the winner would receive £67.50 and the booby prize would be £7.50.            The more players involved, the more you can win!

All profits go to the club and help keep match fees down and allow us to pay for new kit and equipment.

The rules of Grampound FC Football Pontoon are available overleaf and the up-to-date position of each player/team can be viewed on the Grampound FC website,

To take part pay your first £5 to Allan Webb.  Payments can be made in 3 ways:-

                  1. by cash, or

                  2. with a debit or credit card using the club’s card reader, or

                  3. you can ask for a Payment Link to pay by card.  Payment Links are sent by text and you pay
                       by responding to the text. 

Your first payment MUST be made by Thursday 6th October to take part in the first game. Just tell Allan or give him your fiver.

The allocated teams for the first game of the season can be seen on our website on 7th October.

Games starting before Christmas will have teams randomly selected from English Football League
Divisions 1 and 2.

After Christmas, new games will include teams randomly selected from the Premier League and the Championship.