Grampound Football Club

A founder member of the Duchy Football League



Grampound Football Pontoon 

Grampound FC Football Pontoon starts Game 2 of the season on Friday 19th November 2020.  This is a fundraiser that will cost only about £1 per week and will support the club and its finances.  Players can withdraw at any time.

How the Game Works
Players are allocated a team from the Premier League or Championship (randomly by computer) and the main winner of a Pontoon game is the first player whose team scores exactly a total of 11 or 21 goals.  There is also a “booby prize”.

Entry to a game costs £5 and each Pontoon game will probably last about 5 weeks or so. Pontoon players can pay online with a card or with cash.

The first team to hit a total of exactly 11 or 21 goals wins 45% of the total money staked and at that point the player whose team has scored the lowest number of goals wins 5% (the booby prize) — as an example, if 24 players take part in a game the winner would receive £54 and the booby prize would be £6.

The rules of Grampound FC Football Pontoon are available here and the up-to-date position of each player/team can be viewed on the Grampound FC website.

To take part pay your first £5 to Allan Webb (text ot telephone 07967 207577
or email


The more players involved, the more you can win!