Grampound First Team 2018-9
Match Report

Grampound 1-5 Gorran

Saturday 6th October 2018
Duchy League Division 2


Another disappointing performance from Grampound, repeating instaed of learning from their defensive woes in previous games. Grampound looked the more composed team in the opening 20 minutes but Gorran opened them up too many times for the home team's comfort and eventually a ball sloppily given away under minimal pressure gave the visitors the chance to open the scoring and they did so comfortably. Soon after, a bit of a mess between defender and goalkeeper gave the chance for Gorran to extend their lead and Grampound, 2-0 down, now had to work extra hard to get back into the game. To their credit, they did so and made a few half chances. Shortly before the break, Callum Mason's measured strike hit the corner of the net and Grampound were back in it.

The period at the start of the second half was Grampound's best for some weeks, building patiently and clearly giving the Gorran defenders lots to think about, with returning midfielder Dec Morris prominent. The goal, however, would not come when it looked like Grampound would blow away their opponents. It was Gorran who got the break to make the score 1-3 after some weak Grampound defending and in spite of some efforts, Grampound pushing forward enabled similar scenarios to happen twice more to give the visitors an unassailable lead.