How the Grampound FC Pontoon game works

  • Each weekend, from the start of a Pontoon game, the goals scored by each football team in the Premiership and Championship are recorded (Friday to Monday matches only).

  • Players are assigned teams randomly by computer and will get a new team for each game.

  • The first team to accumulate exactly 11 or 21 goals is the winner.  The person assigned that team takes the prize pot.

  • Once the pot has been won a new game can start.

  • Each Pontoon game will cost 5 per team to enter and will usually take about 5 weeks to complete, although this will vary from game to game.

  • The size of the prize pot will depend on how many players we have.  More players means bigger prizes.

  • As an example, for 50 participants, a Pontoon game winner would receive 112.50 and there would also be a booby prize of 12.50 (45% of the total stake goes to the winner and 5% to the booby prize.)

  • Players cannot join a game once it has started.

  • Players may have more than one team if they wish.

  • Winners, leaders and team allocations will be published in the Dolphin Inn and on the club website.
    Players will be given a copy of the Rules before their first Pontoon game starts and this can also be viewed on the website.


Recent Club Honours

Duchy League

Champions 1971-2

Div.2 Champions 1983-4

Reserves Cup Winners 2014-15
Reserves Cup Runners-Up 2016-17

Devon & Cornwall Veterans

Supplementary Cup Winners

East Cornwall Youth League

U14s Championship Cup Winners



Life Vice Presidents

Mike Bawden
Tim Lobb
Chris Paynter

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